Aoife Assumpta Hart, PhD


Research Summary

My publications have uncovered the intersections of trans/gender theory, theology and biopolitics, psychoanalysis of human sexuation, and the political ethics of “identity”. For examples, articles have looked at intercultural constructions of girlhood; the psychology of sexism; and prescriptive femininity in socialized education. In connection to these themes, I’ve written and presented on digital entertainment and female adolescence, critiquing the inculcation of gender norms in contemporary manga and anime. I’ve also detailed the subversion of these norms, particularly through interpretations of Catholic aestheticism and asceticism as portrayed in Japanese cinema and novels. I’ve also published on topics related to Celtic independence movements, folklore, and twentieth century nationalist consciousness.



In Progress

Yr Hwyaden Fach Ddychrynllyd

A novel-memoir, written in Welsh, English, and Wenglish — about geography, gender, eunuchs, and hugs. Also a lot of fun to write and deeply personal. Likely to be self published, all proceeds of sales will be donated entirely to Stonewall Cymru.



Ancestral Recall: The Celtic Revival and Japanese Modernism.  Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2016. 472 pgs

Articles and Chapters

Who’s Afraid of Germaine Greer?” The Ethics Centre. Sydney, Australia. Ed. Matthew Beard. Online.

“Trig Reciprocal Functions: I’m a Trans Woman Adjunct Prof and I Use Trigger Warnings.” Anthologized for inclusion in “Currents: Feminist Key Concepts and Controversies.” Signs. Online.

 “ ‘There’s Minny a One in Ould Ireland’: Judy Plum’s Witchcraft of Irish Stereotypes and Storytelling.” Studies in Canadian Literature 38.2 (Summer 2014). 205-224. Print.

Reprinted. “Anne of Green Gables / Akage no An: The Flowers of Quiet Happiness.” In L M. Montgomery Reader Vol. 2: A Critical Heritage. Ed. Benjamin Lefebvre. Toronto: U of Toronto P, 2014. 350-370. Print.

“Transnational Necromancy: W. B. Yeats, Izumi Kyōka, and neo-nō as Occult Stagecraft.” In Occultism in the Global Sphere. Ed. Gordan Djurdjevic and Henrik Bogdan. London: Acumen, 2013. 203-230. Print.

An no shinjō [Anne’s Feelings]: Politeness, Passion, and Place as anime Paradox in Akage no An.” In Textual Transformations in Children’s Literature: Adaptations, Translations, and Reconsiderations. Ed. Benjamin Lefebvre. New York: Routledge, 2013. 155-173. Print.

”New Halves, Old Selves: Reincarnation and Transgender Identification in Ōshima Yumiko’s Tsurubara-tsurubara.” Mechademia 7: Lines of Sight. (U of Minnesota P). 223-246. Print.

“Passion Plays by Proxy: Intercultural Christologies of the Paschal Face in the Works of Endō Shūsaku and Mishima Yukio.” In Suffering, the Sacred, and the Sublime: Trauma and Transcendence in Literature. Ed.   Holly Faith Nelson et al. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier UP, 2010. 329-346. Print.

“Occultic Inscriptions: The Modern Ghost-Tattoo in Japan, from Kyōsai to Horiyoshi III.” In Popular Ghosts: The Haunted Spaces of Everyday Life. Ed. María del Blanco and Esther Peeren. London: Continuum  Publishing, 2010. 296-310. [Popular Culture Association’s Ray & Pat Browne Award for Best Edited Collection]. Print.

Arisu in Harajuku: Yagawa Sumiko’s Wonderland as Translation, Theory, and Performance.” In Alice Beyond  Wonderland. Ed. Cris Hollingsworth. Iowa: U of Iowa P, 2009. 199-217. Print.

Anne of Green Gables / Akage no An: The Flowers of Quiet Happiness.” Canadian Literature 197 (Summer 2008).  42-60. Print.

“Taneda Santōka: Translations and Critical Commentary.” Simply Haiku 5:2 (Summer 2007). Online.


Selected Conference Presentations

IgnatianQ: Finding Q-munity. (Santa Clara University, April 2017).

“Catholic and Transgender: Affirming Theological Responses and Clinical Applications”. WPATH Presents: “The Inaugural USPATH Scientific Conference” (UC Los Angeles, February 2017).

“Breaking Slates like a Girl: Prescriptive Femininity and Embodied Gender”. L. M. Montgomery 12th Biennial Conference. University of Prince Edward Island, June 2016.

“The HRC as an LGb(t) Organisation.” Intersectionality Forum (Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, 2014).

“Timelapsed Transitions in Full! YouTube, Trans Narratives, and the Cis Gaze.” Moving Trans* History Forward (University of Victoria, 2014).

“Satō Kayo, Trans Femininity, and Losstalgia.” LaConference (Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, 2013). International Lacan Symposium.

“Akutagawa Ryūnosuke and the Translation of Fairies.” Hybrid Irelands (U of Notre Dame 2012).

“Beat Masculinity and its Female Buddhas.” International Forum on Environmentalism and Literature. (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 2010).



Although not an interview, as such, my confronting of Blaire White’s Nazi-lite youtube pantomime resulted in her, with consummate unawareness, creating a video about “Triggering Trannies“. (The picture she used is from my WPATH presentation at UCLA). I wasn’t triggered; I just hate fascists, which Ms BW most assuredly is.

A Chat with an Ex-GenderCrit.” With Rani Baker for The TransAdvocate.

La società e la Chiesa cattolica in cerca di risposte sulle persone transgender.” With Daniel Hitchens and Giacamo Tessaro for Progetto Gionata (Italy). In Italian.

The Truth about Transsexuality.” With David Hitchens for The Catholic Herald (UK).

The Trans Women who say that Trans Women Aren’t Women.” With Michelle Goldberg for Slate.

Does the Catholic Church Have a Problem with Trans Women and Men?” With David Hitchens for Religion and Ethics (Australian Broadcasting Company).

Trans and Catholic.” With Melinda Selmys for Patheos.

‘Matrix’ de dhushláin ag an Phobal Trasinsneach in Éirinn” [The “Matrix” of Challenges for the Transgender Community in Ireland].With Méabh Ní Thuathaláin for Gaelscéal (Ireland). In Irish Gaelic.





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