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Ancestral Recall: The Celtic Revival and Japanese Modernism

– A comparative modernist study of the connections between Irish and Japanese literature, opening up uncharted avenues of cross-cultural exchange, through rhizomatic, anti-colonial, and Marxist analysis.

(Mc-Gill Queen’s UP, 2016)

It Petrifies the Will: Sexual Politics and Radical Women’s Writing in the 1960s

– Critiquing the phenomenology of womanhood through autobiographical writings by radically feminist authors — Sylvia Plath, Valerie Solanas, and Candy Darling — during the “sexual revolution” in the years after Beauvoir.

(In progess)

Theology of the Marginal Body: Natural Law and Posthuman Reality

– Having presented on the subject at WPATH (UCLA, 2017) and participated in a retreat for Catholic psychotherapists, I was eager to publish a work on transsexuality and Catholic dogma:  Theology and the Marginal Body: Naturalism and Posthumanism with a focus on the shitshow that is ‘natural law’ by looking at Aquinas and Ratzinger through Beauvoir and Ricouer. Publishers have been politely cold about coming on board with the manuscript, at least based on cover-letter enquiry. It’s very possible I’m the wrong person for the task. While I might resurrect the project as an angry retort of some model, for now I’ve shelved the work. Overall, as a regular Mass attendee, I have very little hope for trans-inclusive ecclesiology. There has been repeated rejection of transgender medicine by ecclesiastical authorities.

(Maxima mea culpa, I’m still working on it)




Please Note — I am no longer pursuing publication through the increasingly Ponzi-schemed “traditional academic journal format. It is most unreasonable expectation that an “independent scholar” take on all of the costs of research and manuscript production, for no pay of any kind, or possibility of university career advancement … especially since we cannot afford access to the very places to which we would submit.

I’m very open, however, to specific invitations or collaborative work with other researchers, especially those who respect dialogue with non-liberal trans “public intellectuals”. Please write to me at aoifeassumpta @ [dim spaces]. All proceeds, royalties, and material benefits from my writing are donated to Stonewall Cymru, in support of the rights of all Welsh speaking trans folk.

You can read a digital summary of my peer-reviewed publications here.

Anyway, rather than invest my work day’s five-hundred into book chapters no one reads, I spend that time hacking on Welsh-language novels — also unlikely to be read, but FAR MORE FUN to write. Writing fiction in Welsh is my life’s great joy as I face the last half of this long strange trip ’tis been.


Yr Hwyaden Fach Ddychrynllyd 

The Frightful Duckling

-An international student reading Celtic Languages at Aberystwyth University in the 1990s attempts to come out as trans after a disastrous relationship with her supervisor. The power of self-actualization through the simultaneous comfort and distance of gaining fluency in a radical second language choice.

Lleuad yn Wag gan Cwrs

A Void of Course Moon

-Two generations of astrologers, parent and child, with their occluded scopes set on the emotional schisms which are further apart than any two given stars.

L10n ffeindiwch fi’n farw yng nghaliffornia 

L10n find me dead in California

-Silicon valley, Amerikan surveillance, digital intertexuality, and a Welsh-language hacking group with a cake-sized chip on their shoulders. Mr Robot, but with a lot more trannies and the letter ‘ll’. (L10n is the software engineering numeronym for specifying and representing language localization in a given hypertextual environment.



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