Priests and nuns among 70 Catholic activists arrested and placed in zip-tie handcuffs during a protest against Trump’s immigration policies on Capitol Hill.


MAGA Catholics are obsessed with the perceived sins of others, usually of the sexual variety. Yet they don’t adhere to their own Phariseean standards. Why is that? Is that scapegoating LGBT persons to rile up the base more important than consistent moral norms? Do they think we will not notice, or that we’re too chastised to risk a response?


. . . Then he will say to those at his left hand, ‘Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels; for I was hungry and you gave me no food, I was thirsty and you gave me no drink, I was a stranger and you did not welcome me, naked and you did not clothe me, sick and in prison and you did not visit me.’

Mt 25 41-43



Perhaps Christian Bioethics can publish an article on Duncan Hunter?

Trans People: Bad; Multiple Instances of Money Laundering via Adultery: sure!




Robert Hanssen, who worked as an informant for Russian intelligence for over 20 years, was a Republican, Catholic, and member of Opus Dei.


GRU operative Maria Butina with Trumpist plutocrats at the National Prayer Breakfast (2017)




Steve ‘I am the Grand Inquisitor of Gays ruling my secret Templar gladiator school of white heritage warrior-seminarians’ Bannon


Attorney General William Barr, a member of Opus Dei, has a very dodgy family history with serial child-rapist, Jeffrey Epstein. Donald Barr, William’s father, was headmaster at an elite secondary school. There, he inexplicably hired the young Epstein, who had no advanced degrees to speak of, as a maths teacher, where he was openly known as a sexual creep toward adolescent girls but never reprimanded for it. Donald Barr, a convert to Catholicism, seemed to sympathize with Epstein in a more than casual way.

Donald Barr authored two science-fiction novels, the first of which was written in 1974 and entitled Space Relations, is a sadomasochistic fantasy about an interplanetary slave-trade system in which young girls are traded into sexual bondage with various galactic overlords. I am not making this up.

L: The cover of Barr’s Novel

R: The “Sex Temple” built on Epstein’s private island




Father Frank Pavone, a militant pro-life priest who hosted a pro-Trump prayer rally by displaying the remains of an aborted baby on an altar. has no issue with paramilitary units breaking apart families and putting children in cages on a Sunday.


Kellyanne Conway, devout Catholic and dodger of congressional subpoenas,  inexplicably hanging out with Larry Visoski — Jeffrey Epstein’s chief pilot — just before New Year’s Eve, 2016.




(12) Rachel Fulton Brown — a professor and Catholic convert who obsesses over disgraced shockjock Milo Yiannapolous like an early 90s faghag — is a leading voice of MAGA Catholicism who totally believes in traditional values, the family as the summit of God’s anthropological design for human authenticity, and the sanctity of the sexual act.

Unless you happen to be a rapacious bigot like her, then you get unlimited gay sex mulligans on all the hawt pool boys you can handle.

Preened face of altrightlite radio, Patrick Coffin, also doesn’t seem to mind Milo’s flouting of conservative values and orthodox theology as a flamboyantly gay Catholic in a same-sex marriage.

Surely this flagrant violation of doctrinal standards would get you the sack at many Catholic institutions, such as schools and hospitals, and the rebuke of the public opinion that is the Church Militant? Why does Milo get a pass on what would warrant instant condemnation from the likes of Coffin and Brown?

It’s all really OK, they assure us apolitically, because Milo says he wants to change, and he’s really good at whipping up violence against minorities. In other words, he’s a handy queer to perform dog whistles.

What else might these men have in common besides good cigars and watching Sean Hannity? Who Knows! But the mind boggles from the whiplash of inconsistencies that is the MAGA Catholic agenda in America.