L10n ffeindiwch fi’n farw yng nghaliffornia

Gan Gwenllian Lâs


To live is always through
the death of someone else.
— Antonin Artaud

… a second novel in Welsh entitled L10n ffeindiwch fi’n farw yng nghaliffornia  [L10n find me dead in California] … About a Welsh language terrorhacking group in a guerilla text war with imperial monoglots and their lexical economy of anglo-american technocracies.


… more details as i progress, but you can get a sense of viewpoint in how what angles I have in analyzing programmes like Mr Robot and the language revolution of hypertext. ‘Feminine language’, data mining, personal security, unstable identity.

Like my assessment of Moon, I read and teach Mr Robot as confronting philosophical uncertainties proposed by Marx (consumption, sacrifice, production); Lacan (fragmentation, semblance, identification); and Lévinas (visage, love, transcendence) within the metaphysics of economy , corpus, its double double … capitalism and the currency of embodiment … textual insolubility as the code for the psyche in the throws of planned obsolescence …



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