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Yr Hwyaden Fach Ddychrynllyd

The Frightful Duckling




Nofel gwïar am ddod allan am y tro cyntaf fel menyw drawsrywiol drwy bŵer y Gymraeg fel ail-iaith, gan Gwenllian Lâs.

A queer novel about coming out for the first time as a transsexual woman through the power of Welsh as a second language, by Gwenllian Lâs.

Rheolau ar Gyfer Chwarae SCRABBLE

Miss Gwenllian update:

I’m currently writing and researching a long-form essay, or possible book chapter, on English media responses/rejoinders/reprimands to Scrabble yn Gymraeg (Welsh Language Scrabble) as symptomatic of “Welsh zealotry run amuck”.

Who’d think a bunch of tiles with doubled letters could cause such a fuss?

We’ve all heard the insipid and rehearsed cliche: “Welsh looks like a Scrabble game that came without consonants.”

Yet here we are: unchecked monoglot prejudices and anti-Welsh language bigotry are often shuttled through asinine jokes, churlish debates, and colonialist after-laughs. Welsh Scrabble has become a symbolic stand-in to “safely” locate a stubborn disdain for Cymraeg. Barely hidden symptoms of colonialism readily become played out as latent desires for the linguistic destruction of ‘wonky’ Celtic languages in the 21st century as a victory for Brexiteers.

From The Blue Books to this recent, unprecedented summer of Welsh-bashing at all levels of Little Englander op-ed baiting … I unpack how consonant allocation, point metrics, and triple vowel awards in Scrabble yn Gymraeg — all seemingly innocuous boardgame rubrics — have been seized on by English supremacists in an ongoing campaign to delegitimize Welsh as a living, practical reality that many prefer to go about their lives — at work or play — speaking.

Learning to play Scrabble in Welsh has given me a rather poignant object for lexical meditation — on art, amusement, and education in contemporary minority language activism and revivalism.

Will give publication details in due course. Diolch!


As noted in my biographical descriptionall proceeds from my book sales are donated to Stonewall Cymru — specifically, to support Welsh-language services for trans youth in Wales and abroad.

Unlike a Patreon or YouTube celebritydom, academic monographs aren’t major money earners. Nonetheless, I’m pleased to say that my first royalties payment for Ancestral Recall arrived today — and several hundred dollars will be making its way into the hands of folks doing loads of good for the scared and vulnerable.






Look at who is displayed front and centre at the @scholarmqup table for Congress!



beth nawr yw’r ddadl ynglyn a’r iaith?

‘Featured image’: braint ac anrhydedd yw cyhoeddi y gwaith celf gwreiddiol wnaed gan yr artist Ruth Jên i ddathlu pen-blwydd Y Lolfa yn 50!

Pen-blwydd hapus i’r — bydded i fwy o Gymry Cymraeg gael eu hysbrydoli gan eich mentergarwch ddiwyllannol!

Murlun newydd Ruth Jên gydag eiconau cenedlaethol (2006):


Mae’r Lolfa wedi cyhoeddi cannoedd o lyfrau. Dyma edrych nôl ar y rhai fu’n boblogaidd iawn dros y degawdau!


#yagym : Meleri Wyn James: #NaNel


meic stevens: a’r brawd houdini


anweledig: 6.5.99

Tea with Gwynfor

Near Macynlleth, 1996 — afternoon conversation and a cuppa with me —  Dr Gwynfor Richard Evans apologised for when his biro ran out of ink and his hand switched to a soft black for ‘six’. He was that kind of person. ❤


See here for information on Plaid Cymru hunger strikes, linguistic activism, and the creation of Welsh-language television.


Darllen Rhagor