pwy ydy’r psyop nawr?

Respect 👏🎥💣

Yn union

Respect 👏🇷🇺⚓️

How to be an opportunistic asshole …

… and flatter yourself that your fidelity to linguistic prescriptions and universal truths is what this tweet was about …

… and not about the chance to misgender a dead trans man for twitter cred.

Hey Gloria — did you vote for Trump? Are you cool with an accused rapist and perjurist with a probable gambling problem and likely in debt to the Russian mob on the Supreme Court? Asking for a pro-life friend.

Fuck you and fuck the high horse you rode in on.






These clowns assume anyone who doesn’t look like them can’t possibly know how to throw hands, or maybe even received military-style training in hand to hand combat.

Keep assuming. Also please keep wearing the butthole polo so we can identify you.

Note: Nazi uses his cigarette as a weapon to try and blind the guy, most likely so he could charge him when disoriented. Nazi tried to blind him with %100 intention.

Shoulda sank the guillotine choke at 0.37. And look at how to literalise ‘getting dragged’. Lol.




I hear the DLI are updating how they conduct the DLPT with new sections using augmented reality.


As we predicted. With dreadful certainty of their negligent cruelty. Millions of living beings worth less than garbage. They didn’t care and left them all to die in their food-factory cages. This is the absolutely merciless insanity of systemic animal cruelty to make cheap 7-11 sandwiches. These animals had no rights whatsoever. These heartless bastards will face no punishment.

Concentrated animal feeding operations have to be one of the most disgusting, vile, malicious, evil inventions of capitalism. Pigs have the same level of cognitive skills as dogs; imagine 5,000 beagles drowning to death in immobilized, hopeless terror.

Millions of Chickens and Thousands of Pigs Abandoned to Drown in their Death Cages

At Least 3.4 Million Farm Animals Drowned in the Aftermath of Hurricane Florence



Is this account an employee of twitter who is abusing his access to make hit-lists on trans women?



Markings and signals of protection —

The roadways around Lledrod are said to be haunted by a Hag-Witch who glides over isolated paths and floats amongst the woodlands. She is still commonly sighted in the area by locals.





Maybe stop teeeting abusive shit anonymously then, you simmering cowards.

Just report these people and report them often. Fighting back only intensifies the exposure of their lockjaw, single-issue trans antagonism. 👍🏳️‍🌈 Please flag this tweet for transphobic harassment of a woman (me) because I reported her for targeted harassment, which Twitter confirmed was in violation of the TOS to which @JeanHatchet agreed.

Having Twitter as your obnoxious outlet is not some f’ing human right.



I will brag every time I knock one of you haters out of the turgid skies you travel; because I know you’re reading me, and you can’t ignore me. And I know better than most how exactly you utilise clandestine paranoia. And how high a percentage  of your waking hours are dispersed in harassing trans women.


‘Fetish’, as I mentioned before, is the in-demand misnomer to belittle the personal lives of trans women.

Notice I am not a human being, but a ‘creature’? These so-called feminists thrive on degradation and dehumanization. They’re not hiding it.

What ‘list’ am I on, by the way? I take this as a threat? “Colleagues”. Does Drew work at Twitter? Is there a network within Twitter trying to dox trans women?


but really — someone who needs to tweet a .jpg of the same dead, drug-addicted rock star dude every single night in order to get to sleep shouldn’t be lecturing anyone about ‘fetishes’.

And you’re still too afraid to openly debate the GRA with me.

Rich White Men facing consequences for violent sexual assault against women? How avant-garde!


We shall have peace

‘Мы отдохнем! Мы услышим ангелов, мы увидим все небо в алмазах, мы увидим, как все зло земное, все наши страдания потонут в милосердии, которое наполнит собою весь мир, и наша жизнь станет тихою, нежною, сладкою, как ласка. Я верую, верую… Бедный, бедный дядя Ваня, ты плачешь… Ты не знал в своей жизни радостей, но погоди, дядя Ваня, погоди… Мы отдохнем…  Мы отдохнем!




In my element 😎🤓 @ Continent Russian Language Bookshop (Seattle, WA)




Dw i’n cefnogi Leanne

Don’t leave your fucking companion fur friends to drown a horrible death. Ffs. God bless this man. A real American hero. Criminal charges for this inexcusable negligence.








Nina, for fuck’s sake, we were going to the ballet.



They need our help

Manafort:Guilty/flipped; Cohen:Guilty/flipped; Flynn:Guilty/flipped

Papad:Guilty/flipped; Van der Zwaan:Guilty/flipped

Patten:Guilty/flipped; Gates:Guilty/flipped

Pinedo:Guilty; Kilimnik:Charged

12 Russian military:Indicted; 13 Russian nationals:Indicted

3 Russian companies:Indicted


Diwrnod Owain Glyndŵr


Canrifoedd yn ôl, cychwynodd Owain Glyndwr ei ymgyrch i greu Gymru annibynnol. Ynunwch â ni i gwblhau y gwaith. 

Centuries ago, Owain Glyndwr led a campaign to build an independent Wales. Join us to finish what he started. 

#DiwrnodOwainGlyndwr #GlyndwrDay




You mean Hopkins is just an angry, spiteful wretch taking out her ill will online by pandering to the lowest common denominator of asshole while hate is on the collective rise?



Animal Rescue during Florence

There are many, MANY stories of pet abandonment happening again due to Florence. Please take the time to research rescues and groups on the ground, or see if your local rescues are helping NC/SC animals in some way. #Help 💔




TERFs are nativists

Dr Jane C Jones can’t — and I mean cannot even a jot — debate contemporary implications of Irigaray on gender with me. So she immediately resorted to nationalist chauvinism instead as rebuttal. Yikes! And terfs wonder why they stink of cryptofash, in that genteel, dry gin sorta variety.

I had pointed out the seering holes in her research … I didn’t even mention Wales or the Welsh language in presenting my claim as to Jones’s constant misreading of Irigaray, and how Jones fails to account for decades of feminist phenomenology.  And so, quickly, Dr Jones badly needed a digression. She, apropos fuck all, responds to me not by contextualising Butler … but by going full nativist UKIP-er and declare only people born in Wales are really ‘Welsh’ …….

Does this kind of natal essentialism sound familiar? Hmmmm.

Really now. How is this relevant? At all? It’s not. It’s an intellectual cowardice. It’s what a crap writer with no original ideas would do. It’s how bigots act. Like a tRUmper, Jones needs a distraction, because she can’t explain her research mistakes that well, clearly;— so Jones goes in for an exclusionary, Brexit style blood-and-soil nativism instead.

Not a good look.

As is evident in abundance, Jones is super invested in implementing and enforcing segregation of all sorts. And picking apart the personal lives of proud, out, and public trans women is the gendercrit ninja bag of shit tricks. Parochial typologies are fundamental to TERF discourse.  She can’t hold her erroneous position; she refuses to discuss scholarship on feminist epistemology; so she and/or her bully crew pick at some other aspect of my personal life and call it a ‘fetish’. Every time. It’s all they’ve got. Been doing the same for many years on at this stage.

They are disgustingly obsessed with trans women’s pasts as sources of gossip fodder. That’s it. Nothing more to the lot of them. Because almighty Dr Jones gets to decide what and who others are.

Yet she doesn’t even know the faintest thing about me.

But this is the terf-tactic every time — They look down on trans women as inferior; they presume to know all details and aspects of our lives based on a condescension. That is always that presumption. Always. And so good faith, or whatever you want to call it, never factors in.

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Methu derbyn gwasanaethau Cymraeg?

Wyt ti wedi cael eich rhywstro rhag derbyn gwasanaeth yn Gymraeg? Rhanna dy brofiadau fel rhan o ymchwiliad Senedd ar ddeddfwriaeth iaith drwy fynd i …