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Well we won’t be buying anything from *these* Wrecsam shops. There are plenty of Welsh businesses which aren’t promoting British nationalism and fawning over the English royals, and they’ll get my money.


Dyma Siaradwyr Cymraeg yr Wythnos @YsgolBroTawe. Llongyfarchiadau!👏👏👏👏


Ers i fi symud i’r Unol Daleithiau America…

Arm trans women. In. My case… Subcompact Glock in the purse or holstered prominently against a long Oxford blue pleated skirt. Yes, I train in how to use it. #2A

Dw i mor hapus i weld y rhifyn arbennig ar Gymru! Excited to read this great Wales special edition of The Bookseller, and pleased to see fantastic articles on linguistic diversity and representational literature.

0245D271-778B-4712-AF72-784BE2BDD23ELlongyfarchiadau enfawr i @RhysFisher3 am gael ei ethol i gyngor tref Rhydaman yn ward Iscennen. Ymgyrch fywiog a chadarnhaol yn benu gyda chipio 65.5% o’r bleidlais! Da iawn Rhys! 👏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿📢

Canlyniadau llawn:
Llafur: 79
Plaid Cymru: 237
Annibynol: 45


Welsh-speaking, English-raised British Punjabi Cllr Talat Chaudhri is the new mayor of Aberystwyth — a multi-cultural town which is now home to people from more than 80 countries!


Fy hoffi awdur nawr

That’s awesome. I would freak the fuck out. I would shamelessly beg for an autograph.


Cwrs Gwyddbwyll Llyfrgell y Rhyl yn dechrau 10 or gloch, bore Sadwrn. Croeso i bawb.


Dan ni wedi dweud!

I was already furious with the stupid ‘I votes labour cos me da did’ naivety of the Wenglish Labour voter — but their pure West Britery is f’ing disgustingly on display. No shame. Might as well put on an orange sash these days, voting with UKIP and all. Like — you’ve worked out who the right wing is yet, have you? Fascism and all the rest of it?


This vote endorses an assault on our Assembly’s powers – Wales needs extra powers in these uncertain times, not fewer.


200 ffotograff NEWYDD yn barod i Wici Henebion (uwchlwytho ym Medi): Eglwys Llangadwaladr, Ynys Môn; sefydlwyd 7g gan y Brenin Cadwaladr.

Olion Celtaidd.

Pen y Dyn Gwyrdd
Bedd Cadwaladr (m. 682) sy’n cynnwys llun Croes Geltaidd
Yr Eglwys

D9A4D034-1F00-4FEC-B5AF-2C17F8FBFCD5Only 17 official street parties registered in Cymru for the royal wedding this weekend. The silent majority have spoken: “English Royals and all its pomp not wanted here.” Are you listening BBC Wales?

Carwyn and his Labour cronies are enemies of Cymru.

14 Mai

Nansi Richards Jones (1888-1979), ‘Queen of the Harp’, was born. Pictured here after winning at the Llangollen National Eisteddfod in 1908. She played a crucial role in the revival of the triple harp and the popularity of traditional Welsh music in the 20th century.

Ar y diwrnod hwn ganwyd Nansi Richards Jones, ‘Telynores Maldwyn’ (1888-1979). Yma gyda’i thelyn wedi ennill yn Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Llangollen yn 1908. Bu’n flaenllaw yn sicrhau adfywiad y delyn deires a phoblogrwydd cerddoriaeth draddodiadol Gymreig yn yr 20fed ganrif.


Afon Dyfrdwy, Llangollen


Breuddwyd yn Tyfu

11 Mai, 1894

The master harpist John Roberts (Telynor Cymru) passed away.


‘Welsh place names, as pronounced by non-speakers, especially train/bus stop announcers’.



10 Mai, 1980:

Cyhoeddodd Gwynfor Evans ei fwriad i ymprydio am fod y Llywodraeth wedi torri ei haddewid i greu Sianel Gymraeg #arydyddhwn. @S4C @Plaid_Cymru

Gwynfor Evans announced his intention to go on hunger strike after the Conservative government reneged on its election promise of a Welsh language television channel.


Tiddy Mun: The Vengeful Spirit of the Ancholme Marsh

“Queer, primeval, dangerous spirits, breathing pestilence”.

From Hull and Halifax and Hell

Study a map from the 19th century and the old settlements of North Lincolnshire follow the high ground. Chains of Old Norse homesteads stretch in a chain across ancient ridges, and the market town of Brigg (from the Old Norse “bryggja”, meaning ‘jetty’) marked narrow point in the sodden marshland that spilled out from the banks of River Ancholme.

Once called the Lincolnshire Carrs (from the Old Norse “kjarr”, meaning ‘swamp’), this isolated wetland in the shadow of the rolling Humber marked the southern boundaries of the Anglo-Norse world of the Danelaw, leaving their place names, dialect words and log boats behind them, and the boundaries between the world of spirit and the world of men.

These dark lonely waters drew hermits, Anchorites, and the Gilbertine priory of Newstead on Ancholme, and birthed tales of dead men’s voices and cold sepulchral fingers grasping at the ankles of the unwary, dancing…

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Ddim yn siwr pam ein bod ni mor grac gyda Llafur am eu penderfyniad i gytuno gyda’r Ceidwadwyr yn Llundain i delerau Bil Ymadael yr UE? Dyma amserlen sy’n dangos sut cyrhaeddom ni fan hyn, a’r goblygiadau hynny i Gymru.

Not sure why we’re angry about Labour’s agreement with the Conservative UK Government on the #EUWithdrawalBill? Here’s a timeline which shows just how we got here and what that means for Wales.

Mae Llywodraeth Cymru dan reolaeth y Blaid Lafur wedi cytuno i dermau Brexit gyda Llywodraeth Geidwadol San Steffan – a hynny ar ol dweud yn wreiddiol nad oedd y telerau yn ddigon da. Ond sut mae hyn yn mynd i effeithio arnat ti?

Darllen Rhagor

Changing How We Teach Irish In Our Schools — AN SIONNACH FIONN

I have some sympathy with those who argue that the teaching of Irish in our primary and secondary schools should be on the basis of continuous assessment rather than through formal or certified examinations, unless chosen by a child or a parent at a later date. This would require pupil-tailored courses alongside class-orientated ones, detailed programmes […]

via Changing How We Teach Irish In Our Schools — AN SIONNACH FIONN

Bobby Sands was laid to rest 37 years ago today. 100,000 people lined the route of his funeral. RIP 🇮🇪


Croeso mawr!


Scientists at the Farage institute in Clacton have proven that these signs are dangerous, EVERYONE speaks English so stop this madness of putting up the Welsh versions which are gobbledygook to the MAJORITY. The saving in ink alone would fund a dominoes pizza for a family of 4 EVERY YEAR.A5D35CC6-2B70-4010-86FA-7B3D9D4F070B

Dewch draw i Gaffi Iechyd Da, Caerfyrddin ar nos Sadwrn 12 Mai i ddathlu lansiad nofel newydd gan Sioned Wiliam, Cicio’r Bar! Yn rhan o’r @BedwenLyfrau bydd Bethan Mair yn holi Sioned Wiliam, a bydd yr actores Rhian Morgan yn darllen. @LlyfrauCymru #caerfyrddin #carudarllen



󠁧󠁢󠁬”Pethau Bychain”

“All The Little Things”



Gwisgo yn daclus!


Darllen Rhagor



St Meugan

24 April — Feast of St Meugan (6-7c).

Two churches dedicated to her were destroyed, one survives. There is no English wiki article on the history of her cult.

St Meugan’s Chapel, Beaumaris, was torn down by English invaders to make room for their new castle. However, St Meugan, Rhuthun (images), endures to this day.

An Mis

This is interesting: a Cornish-language news programme, indicative of the growing presence of the Kernewek revival movement. To my ear at least, it really does sound like a mix of Welsh and Breton. I can definitely pick up on a lot of P-Celtic cognates … some very obvious, like Ebrel/Ebrill or dydh da/dydd da. Practically speaking, Cornish was extinct, and thus ‘fluency’ is hypothetical, so endeavours like this have a recreative quality than can also be improvisational at times. Hearing their dialogues and conversations (eg 9.30-11.00) reveals the kinds of recuperative strategies they’re adapting on the trot. Be sure to check out the The Wicker Man awesomeness of Beltaine parades at 20.00 and the bardic eisteddfod (gorsedh) thereafter.

For additional contrast, a Q-Celtic speaker:

Yn Dartford, Lloegr.



D50DD4B1-B9BE-4692-A4BB-8B5894BAC454This beautiful pendant was a gift from Mererid Williams (@letstalkwelsh), and it has extraordinary meaningfulness to me as a Welsh-language novelist/awdures Gymraeg/aspiring Cymraes.


Today marks 38 years since the passing of the influential and renowned French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre. Sartre was a Nobel Prize laureate (for Literature, a prize he formally declined) and leftist thinker that supported many anti-colonial struggles.742B5A50-5D3E-471C-B47A-CE926C589CAA

Y Forwyn Fair

Small shrine to Our Lady of Walsgham. Eglwys Y Santes Fair,  Betwys-y-Coed

Llun gan Gillian Smith (Diolch)


Cydraddoldeb i bobl traws




Fideo hyfryd.

The Welsh language belongs to everyone who makes Wales their home.


Grant gwisg ysgol

The Labour Welsh government are cutting the school uniform grant.

Leanne Wood writes of the uniform as a family necessity, but one that can present a challenging economic burden: “Those of us who understand the impact of poverty [know] what it can mean to go to school in second hand or ill-fitting school clothes because replacements can’t be afforded.”

This is cruel penny pinching, a needless cut which will impact on those families who have the least. Either stop the cut — and recognise its essentiality and why — or get rid of school uniform altogether. Labour ought to be ashamed of themselves.


Relatedly, great progress in developing gender neutral uniforms has eased the dread for many dysphoric. Having such understanding and acceptance, in however an externally routine way like a regulation blouse and plaid skirt, would have made my education enormously easier. As study after study has shown, granting trans pupils access to the appropriate attire.

Darllen Rhagor

Yr awdures Meleri Wyn James; ysgol hanes

Meleri Wyn James,

awdures Gymraeg

Dyma’r awdures Meleri Wyn James yn lansio ‘Na, Nel!’ yn @YsgolGymraeg Aberystwyth. Diolch am y croeso!


Illustrative Map to the Mabinogi

This dramatic rendering locates some of the major narrative events according to their geography, as recorded in The Mabinogion (Saesnech) or the Mabinogi (Gymraeg).




Skellig Spell

David Hollington

“The inexhaustible wonders of nature mean that my subjects are never too far away. Everything that happens in my studio is a direct response to the life outside of it, whether it is birds and foxes teeming in my garden, or my travel to the wild expanses of Scotland, Ireland or Iceland.”