Miss Gwenllian Lâs, Cymraeg PsyOp


George Costanza voice : ‘…if it were socially acceptable’.


robots + schoolgirls + theresa may =

I have nothing against furries or fur suits and I’m not one to judge kink — but how is a costume de facto ‘queer’? Q.v., straights into bdsm. Et., the inclusion of ‘aromantic’.

Liberal trendiness would have us delete decades of homosexual vocabulary for fear of ‘policing’ the borders of queerness … and we’ve all withered under pointless scrutiny from various versions of lesbian puritanism … but if pride is a capitalist slogan and queerness is the currency, then gentrification and identity will collide in a for-profit bourgeoise excursion. Your parade is problematic.

Someone has to be the bitch who points out that for every letter tacked onto LGBT, scarce community resources for the most vulnerable — low income and homeless trans women of color — will be dispersed farther afield. Lib queer theory has run aground, shipwrecked at the bank’s door.


The ones trying to seperate people at the border are the same ones trying to do it in bathrooms.

My associations with all things gendercrit abruptly ended in 2016 when I outright saw they were siding with the new fash momentum. I spoke out on them. I told ye.

I regret a lot of what went down, but when it became apparent that ‘gendercrit’ was not the ‘open dialogue’ I thought it was … and it was lining up with the politics I loathed … I knew how wrong in many ways I had been. No mercy for collaborators.

I’ll always say shit that annoys most of the trans community. I have no aspirations to platforms as such. But I am at peace knowing that unlike Yardley I never ever shook a fascist’s hand.


Chloe Sagal

I didn’t know Chloe very well. She had a poor reputation for unkind behaviour as well as breaking boundaries; and I really don’t travel well in the trans community.

However, I do know that she was relentlessly stalked by some truly insidious bullymobs online who get sadistic arousal at suffering. (KF is basically a no-limits Milgram Experiment via keyboard). I also know Chloe had her share of severe depression. And I know poverty and isolation made access to much needed mental health services impossible.

And I do know that this is the eighth trans woman I’ve met on Twitter to take her own life in the last 5 years. Gorffwys mewn heddwch.

Hey if you have any trans women in your life tell them you care that they are alive.

Woman who set self on fire in Portland park remembered as ‘brilliant and tortured’ artist

Some results from the National Survey of Wales on language: 

 – 86% of people felt the language was something to be proud of, (97% of Welsh speakers and 84% of non Welsh speakers)

– 62% of those who didn’t speak Welsh said they would like to speak it; and of those with some Welsh language skills, 85% said they would like to speak it better.

Many of us would and could happily pass our day in Welsh. To do that as much as possible is a joy *and* a right.





Time to start throwing things. Police protecting Nazis.

You wanted your two Americas? Right then. Let’s rumble. Just don’t cry when they hit you back.

#ProTip to Stevie Galloway apologists:

Don’t fuck your students.

Muriel Spark covered this one quite well.


I’ve really not read much on Steven Galloway’s spouse, who was most likely making the suppers and changing the nappies whilst Galloway held these writer mini-retreats off shore on his boat.

Student’s claim that UBC mishandled sexual assault complaint moves forward

Cutting support services at UBC sexual assault centre concerns community members

Watching Moana in Māori

The Māori translation of Moana (Clements/Musker 2016) is extremely popular across Aotearoa, exciting hopes for further revival interest in the language.

Interestingly, this reception counters suggestions by some (mainly white male journos at fauxlitical websites) that the film was deeply offensive to Polynesians.


For extra mental health benefits …

St John’s Eve

Bonfire night — Inis Eoghain peninsula, Co Donegal, Éire


Social Clymer

Let Charlotte use whatever bathroom she wants. Unquestionably. But don’t scrub hostile history for fawning solidarity.

Charlotte Clymer previously identified as a ‘male feminist’ whose abusive antics were censured by even the most liberal of pap bastions, Everyday FeminismAside from violently threatening other women, Clymer had an online routine of claiming ‘non binary’ status ex nihilio in order to deflect specific criticisms of targetted bigotry against trans women. Now, this ex-military agitator is looking to take the Sarah McBride train straight to Chelsea Clinton’s 2020 run for office.


Wouldn’t it be nice if we held our own loudmoth grandstanders to a modicum of the standard that we apply to ‘The Right’?



Charlotte’s prior emphases on maleness and masculinity are discordant to contemporary circumstances. Is ‘identity’ static or not? If it’s not static, and is an opinion in flux, then how is it real beyond solipsistic presumption?

I’m very very serious when I say to my fellow queers — don’t depend on this bullshit bourgeoise concept called ‘identity’ — personalized and customized social capital — as in any way liberatory in the long run. From bathrooms to beyond.


‘If you label me, you negate me’

has become more like 

‘If i identify me, you index me’ 

Nac wyt ti’n teimlo?

Melania, whose own immigration history is lurid, serves up an Antoinettesque display of contrived cruelty.

Zara, the clothier responsible for Melania’s typographic indifference, also made ‘Baby Auschwitz’ rompers.

Byw yn y tê gwydr

He runs a LARP business.

Bydded i’r hen iaith barhau!

Cymru ydy hi.

Dan ni’n siarad Cymraeg.

Deliwch â’r peth.


Prisiau, rhestri, gwleidyddiaeth

The Revolutionary Left


Eh… This isn’t really a secret.


Seriously tho it’ll be interesting to watch libs try to juggle ‘we can’t reason with these people’ and ‘guns are bad; vote Democrat; and keep the police happy’.

The Trouble with Angloglots

The trouble with Angloglots IS THEY ALWAYS GET WORSE.



“Please introduce yourself in whatever language you choose so long as you understand Welsh for ‘get out’ and ‘bigot’.”

Pub responds to customer (TripAdvisor tourist) complaints that the locals are speaking their own language in their own country.


Heuldro’r Haf

Heuldo’r haf yn Bryn Celli Ddu. Trwy y cymylau fe wnaeth yr haul codi a tasgu golau lawr i grombil y siambr gladdu unwaith eto.


Happy Summer Solstice

This Neolithic tomb at Carrowkeel, Sligo is aligned on tonight’s sunset. This evening, at the death of the longest day, the final rays of Solstice sunlight will at last illuminate the tomb’s darkest depths.



Goude ar c’houlzad @pointbzh e fell da vBreizh kaout un @emojibzh evit he Gwenn ha Du. Evit mont war-raok en deus ar c’houlzad-mañ ezhomm ac’hanoc’h:

✅ Rannañ ar galv-mañ zo d’ober evit klask beuziñ ar rouedadoù sokial

✅ Ha loc’het an traoù diwar vremañ


Wonderful prayer group of politically conscious Catholics meeting online to pray Compline together.

Dw i mor falch o’i glywed…

Mike Godwin has suspended the eponymous Godwin’s Law since actual fucking Nazis are running the show and building concentration camps for kids.


Trust a literature prof on this one

Cân i Gymru: Catrin Herbert


Who just had a 90 min Skype entirely in Welsh?




Rhestr o Enwau Lleoedd Safonol

Comisiynydd y Gymraeg are glad to announce that their List of Standardised Welsh Place-names is now available on website to browse or download.

Mae Comisiynydd y Gymraeg yn falch o gyhoeddi bod Rhestr o Enwau Lleoedd Safonol bellach ar gael ar gwefan i bori ynddi a’i lawrlwytho.


Welsh Infrastructure, Westminster Involvement

Signs your nation has been colonised and compromised — all rail networks lead out for export, you have to leave your country in order to travel across it, and this is what a transit commute resembles. Ditto for Holyhead to Aber.

It’s been this bad for decades and unlikely to change if Cymru remains being a subjugated resource pile.


If you tolerate this then your children will be next… Oh


SpyCops yng Nghymru

Women affected by the deployment of undercover policing will be speaking next week on Tues 26th June @AssemblyWales on their experiences, the ongoing public inquiry and campaigning for greater transparency. More info here.


Cymru: an open-air proving ground for Anglo-American military mishaps.