TERFs are nativists

Dr Jane C Jones can’t — and I mean cannot even a jot — debate contemporary implications of Irigaray on gender with me. So she immediately resorted to nationalist chauvinism instead as rebuttal. Yikes! And terfs wonder why they stink of cryptofash, in that genteel, dry gin sorta variety.

I had pointed out the seering holes in her research … I didn’t even mention Wales or the Welsh language in presenting my claim as to Jones’s constant misreading of Irigaray, and how Jones fails to account for decades of feminist phenomenology.  And so, quickly, Dr Jones badly needed a digression. She, apropos fuck all, responds to me not by contextualising Butler … but by going full nativist UKIP-er and declare only people born in Wales are really ‘Welsh’ …….

Does this kind of natal essentialism sound familiar? Hmmmm.

Really now. How is this relevant? At all? It’s not. It’s an intellectual cowardice. It’s what a crap writer with no original ideas would do. It’s how bigots act. Like a tRUmper, Jones needs a distraction, because she can’t explain her research mistakes that well, clearly;— so Jones goes in for an exclusionary, Brexit style blood-and-soil nativism instead.

Not a good look.

As is evident in abundance, Jones is super invested in implementing and enforcing segregation of all sorts. And picking apart the personal lives of proud, out, and public trans women is the gendercrit ninja bag of shit tricks. Parochial typologies are fundamental to TERF discourse.  She can’t hold her erroneous position; she refuses to discuss scholarship on feminist epistemology; so she and/or her bully crew pick at some other aspect of my personal life and call it a ‘fetish’. Every time. It’s all they’ve got. Been doing the same for many years on at this stage.

They are disgustingly obsessed with trans women’s pasts as sources of gossip fodder. That’s it. Nothing more to the lot of them. Because almighty Dr Jones gets to decide what and who others are.

Yet she doesn’t even know the faintest thing about me.

But this is the terf-tactic every time — They look down on trans women as inferior; they presume to know all details and aspects of our lives based on a condescension. That is always that presumption. Always. And so good faith, or whatever you want to call it, never factors in.

I pay it no mind to take some abuse from them, if it means uncovering to a wider audience as to what their vile exclusivist attitude is really about. I know —- I used to go along with the gendercrit horseshit. My bad. I’m sorry. Mae’n drwg gyda fi.


I thought you lot wanted open debate and free speech?

It’s all on plain display: Arrogant arbitrators in absence. Purity police. THEIR ONLY POLITICAL PURPOSE IS TO DEBATE THE VALIDITY OF OTHER HUMAN BEINGS. Which is a really suspicious project to dedicate yourself during an insurgence of fascism, as I outline below.

Edrychwch i fyny — yr ast.


When you are a trans woman — even a published book on the very subject at issue won’t preclude phobic hectorers from shrieking ‘fraud!’ as to your credentials. They deal only in the canards of insult and invalidation.

ANYWAY — there’s really nothing more to do for it. I trust there are some out there, despite the TERF sanctimony and high-horse talk, who are taking note as to what a farce it is that they want ideas challenged. They don’t. They just think trans women are suspect and icky. Their actions betray their claims. Look for yourself; may my example be instructive.

They are very, very unkind human beings.


Home is where love and acceptance finds you, and to where you wish to build and contribute love and acceptance for others. 



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