Despite the bluster, Jane Clare Jones balks at debate

I guess brave Dr Jones doesn’t like to debate people who know what they’re talking about. And I thought she was eager to publicly discuss The Gender?

Guess she only likes hanging out with the attentive right wing lads who haven’t glanced at the syllabus?


Lmao. ‘DID Elizabeth Grosz write anything about Irigaray and gender? Aw fuckit I’ll drop some early 90s litcrit on John Donne’s poetry instead’.

Moral of the story — They whinge about the urgent need for critical engagement; but they’re unwilling to confront anyone they can’t bafflegab with bottom-tier grad school Butler. Or beat up on barely adult trans women with their cliques. It’s a different f’ing story when they know it’s not an easy win. Yeah they’ll make fun of you. It matters nothing. Stand up to their abuse just because they really don’t like it when you do — and they retreat in full view. Because Dr Jones cannot and will not defend her misrepresentations of certain feminist researchers. She cannot support her own prejudices in an open field. TERFS’ ONLY POLITICAL PURPOSE IS TO DEBATE THE VALIDITY OF OTHER HUMAN BEINGS. Which is a really suspicious project to dedicate yourself during an insurgence of fascism.

And so their deceitful diorama of ‘dialogue’ is exposed. Because the ONLY thing they care about is acting as a segregationist judge and jury.

Thus … who coulda guessed … TERFs readily let slip their sympathies for an exclusionary, Brexit style nationalism!  … According to Country Chauvinist Jones, ONLY people born in Wales can be Welsh. Does this kind of natal essentialism sound familiar? It sure does! Hmmmm. Seems to be a pattern!

They can’t debate, their knowledge claims are pap; so they call you a dude or pick at some other aspect of your personal life and toss out the misnomers. TERF TACTICS — on plain display! Don’t let them intimidate you. They are disciples of discrimination. Adjudicators of prejudice. And yet just who made them the judge?… … An unwavering insecurity about authenticity that incites very abusive behaviour.


See how extremely important it is to them to define others? Now that is a violent paranoia Irigaray could psychoanalyse. Remember, Dr Jones refuses to discuss her own research on French feminism, her speciality, and went for the ‘fetish’ trope in lieu. You really do have to wonder why they are so obsessed with the ways in which other people describe themselves. It’s a perverse, petty play for power, to boost themselves up as pure whilst putting someone else down.

— and that’s how gendercrit works. The superficial hermeneutics of dismissal and negation.

Learning and using the Welsh language in daily life is bad, because yr iaith Gymraeg is only for Special Certified People. So hard to spot them as isolationist bigots isn’t it, what with them solely focussed on deigning who is or isn’t ‘Welsh’ enough, or ‘Woman’ enough … conveniently always registered according to her own twisted metrics. I would bet a tenner that she herself can’t talk Welsh worth SHIT whilst going about putting down others. How do I get that impression? Well, she calls mutations ‘dreaded’? And that sounds exactly like something an ignorant monoglot would say.

And so their appeal for ‘debate’ is a lie sandwiched between feint and ruse. TERFs have nothing to contribute, or ideas to challenge. All you have to do is confront them publicly to find that out.

Edrychwch i fyny — yr ast.






Anyway, since you’re here because of subtweeting … I’ll say that you can read allllllll about it in my book.

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