Who wrote it? TERF or UKIP?

To make the point plain. Some aspects of gay-rights politics did involve the use of non-peaceful protest. As also did parts of the women’s rights and Black civil rights movement. What none of them involved was the demand that people change their fundamental perceptual systems …’


Plain? Plain bloody ignorant. How history thick can you get? What a terribly argued, breezily postured, assessment of minorities, justice, and dialectical struggle.


Slavery rebellions? Widespread civil unrest against prohibitive discrimination and ‘separate but equal’ civil ethos? Anti-racist activism didn’t challenge ‘fundamental perceptual systems’ — whatever the fuck that means? — of status-quo oppressive assumptions? Ridiculous. Wrongheaded. Racist. Written like a formulaic op-ed for the edgy white centrists.


Here’s another rhetorical turd: ‘The phrase ‘Orwellian’ is madly overused, but it documents the methods of trans activism almost to the letter.’


Which means …



“I can’t come up with an analaysis of my own, so I have to rely on inaccurate clichés.”

And she calls herself an Irigaraian! Wow. Have you read her at all?


That is some shit writing. 6000 words of it. You should see what they say in private forums. I have. With receipts. Your suspicions about their deeply loaded disdain for trans women is correct! 😛

218k views on the video, Dr Jones.

Jane Clare Jones

So, Momentum made a video huh?

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 7.25.05 PM

To be honest, it’s kind of a classic of its genre. Once more with feeling everyone: Trans rightsare just like gay rights. Anyone who thinks otherwise is some nasty backwards morally bankrupt fuddy-duddy asshole who is going to look back on their objections to the current trans rights agenda with an enormous eggy face-full of shame. Remember peoples, we’re just telling you this for your own good. YOU DON’T WANT TO GO GETTING CAUGHT ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY DO YOU NOW????

This parallel between gay and trans rights has been leveraged for all its worth by the trans rights movement. It’s one Owen Jones has trotted out endlessly to justify his point-blank refusal to listen to anything anyone – particularly female anyones – have to say on the matter. It’s embedded in the way trans rights is now the centre…

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