My friend and comrade, Steve Hedley

This is my friend and comrade Steve Hedley following a targeted attack by fascists. One way fascists operate is to control the narrative by violence. Back in the 1970s, skinhead gangs would patrol the east end of the district line looking for targets. In the 1980s, they tried to control town centres around their ‘paper sales’. A pre-meditated raid on a pub shows they are gaining in confidence.

We need to stop them gaining control, by organising our communities, including in those places where the narratives of blame and division are growing.

I hope that no one will look at these pictures and then tell me, what we need is more on-line digital campaigners who can target messages at already convinced antifascists.

We need organisers in the communities that the fascists are entering seeking to exploit the sense of abandonment. Let today be a warning. Our enemies are getting bolder, and they do not play by the rules.


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