The ANNE WITH AN E adaptation is genius and anyone who bitches about the ‘dark’ aspects has fundamentally failed to realise the intricate emotional contradictions of an abuse survivor that makes this book one of my very favorite novels.

LMM wrote profoundly about female adolescent trauma and healing. With sincerity, sympathy. But without cheap sentiment. A breathtakingly fair presentation of Anne’s mental illnesses, symptoms too often treated as personality quirks.


I just read some of the negative reviews and I want to smack sense into people!


Like what the fuck do people think the status was for orphaned girls at the turn of the 20th Century? If you think the text isn’t reflected accurately in Anne with an E, I’d say you’ve let nostalgia blinker a view of neglect and depression that are IMMEDIATELY APPARENT IN THE NOVEL.

Going to bed early because ANNE WITH AN E exhausted with me with its visceral emotions and sublime interpretations of Anne’s character. I was in aesthetic awe of how well they produced the affective force of Anne’s turbulent powers as emerging author navigating grief and rejection, trust and resurrection…

Do I need to get into the shit LMM had to go through to get the MS published after more than a dozen rejections? How editors kept pushing her to sanitise the narrative to make it lighter and more humorous? Bc market predjudice had predetermined that women can’t write ‘serious’ novels? 

Read LMM’S own bio ffs!!

ANNE WITH AN E is much much much more worthy production than 80s candyfloss Anne.  I was in tears throughout much of the fluctuating scenes, guides by the earnest awkwardness of the portrait of the artist as a young outcast… with absolute regard for LMM’S talent and resilience as a woman who wrote of both pain and redemption so humanely. I weep with respect for her novels.

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