Statement on GRA / Datganiad ar ddiwygio’r DdCRh

Several leading Welsh organisation for women have published cooperatively a formal statement — yn Saesneg a yn Gymraeg — in support for amendments to the Gecognition Reform Act (2004). These orgs Women’s Equality Network (Wales), Chwarae Teg, as well as others. Plaid Cymru’s current leader, Leanne Wood, has also offered allyship in getting these needed changes made.

WEN Wales, , , and i gyd yn croesawu cychwyn yr ymgynghoriad ar ddiwygio’r Ddeddf Cydnabod Rhywedd.

Please click here to read the statement

Clickwch yma am y datganiad



The purpose of these reforms is to remove archaic formulae for validating an individual’s transition and expedites the process for gender changes on personal documents. This is a corrective to outdated bureaucracy, not an ideological onslaught upon the ontology of sex.

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