Chloe Sagal

I didn’t know Chloe very well. She had a poor reputation for unkind behaviour as well as breaking boundaries; and I really don’t travel well in the trans community.

However, I do know that she was relentlessly stalked by some truly insidious bullymobs online who get sadistic arousal at suffering. (KF is basically a no-limits Milgram Experiment via keyboard). I also know Chloe had her share of severe depression. And I know poverty and isolation made access to much needed mental health services impossible.

And I do know that this is the eighth trans woman I’ve met on Twitter to take her own life in the last 5 years. Gorffwys mewn heddwch.

Hey if you have any trans women in your life tell them you care that they are alive.

Woman who set self on fire in Portland park remembered as ‘brilliant and tortured’ artist

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