I have nothing against furries or fur suits and I’m not one to judge kink — but how is a costume de facto ‘queer’? Q.v., straights into bdsm. Et., the inclusion of ‘aromantic’.

Liberal trendiness would have us delete decades of homosexual vocabulary for fear of ‘policing’ the borders of queerness … and we’ve all withered under pointless scrutiny from various versions of lesbian puritanism … but if pride is a capitalist slogan and queerness is the currency, then gentrification and identity will collide in a for-profit bourgeoise excursion. Your parade is problematic.

Someone has to be the bitch who points out that for every letter tacked onto LGBT, scarce community resources for the most vulnerable — low income and homeless trans women of color — will be dispersed farther afield. Lib queer theory has run aground, shipwrecked at the bank’s door.


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