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Let Charlotte use whatever bathroom she wants. Unquestionably. But don’t scrub hostile history for fawning solidarity.

Charlotte Clymer previously identified as a ‘male feminist’ whose abusive antics were censured by even the most liberal of pap bastions, Everyday FeminismAside from violently threatening other women, Clymer had an online routine of claiming ‘non binary’ status ex nihilio in order to deflect specific criticisms of targetted bigotry against trans women. Now, this ex-military agitator is looking to take the Sarah McBride train straight to Chelsea Clinton’s 2020 run for office.


Wouldn’t it be nice if we held our own loudmoth grandstanders to a modicum of the standard that we apply to ‘The Right’?



Charlotte’s prior emphases on maleness and masculinity are discordant to contemporary circumstances. Is ‘identity’ static or not? If it’s not static, and is an opinion in flux, then how is it real beyond solipsistic presumption?

I’m very very serious when I say to my fellow queers — don’t depend on this bullshit bourgeoise concept called ‘identity’ — personalized and customized social capital — as in any way liberatory in the long run. From bathrooms to beyond.


‘If you label me, you negate me’

has become more like 

‘If i identify me, you index me’ 

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