Imagine a hundred lib profs declaring resignation unless U of T stop its farce of giving JBP a six figure salary and a prestigious position of legitimacy.

You can’t slag off Jordan B Peterson whilst simultaneously seeking validation of yourself according to the *very same* credentials and *very same institutions* you both serve. 

My PhD focused on linguistics, literature, psychoanalysis, and national institutions. It became a book. A few people likes it.

None of the above certifies my ethical politics. It doesn’t even guarantee I’m a good translator. And if it weren’t for language fluency and extra-curricular coding skills I would have permanent been on the sessional snake slide into adjunct annihilation. My PhD meant nothing. Python and Japanese proficiency got me a career.

Humanities PhDs need to have some honest, nostalgia-free evaluations of just how limited our credentials are. 

Pay-for-play vaunted intellectual capital is the worst f’ing block chain omg.

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