JFC how insufferably unaware and oblivious does the blood run? The whole incident is like an allegory for the trajectory of BW’s soul. Childhood memories, parental mismanagement, gross oversight, collateral dead.

If you consider animals family, then look after them like they are. Dogs aren’t accessories. This is California FFS. A shut car will cook a canine or cat alive.

And the senseless story … Just jumped in through an open rear-window like? How old was he? Awfully spry to leap that high up unheard.

Because no one noticed? For how long?

Or did someone have knowledge but just on the drive made a pit stop and incorrectly reckon it’d be ok to leave him in there, just for ‘a few minutes’? Sounds more likely does it not?

And here’s a pivot where hypocricy upends mercy in the conservative celeb script.

How do you think segregated kids are doing, locked up in those Texas camps you support? What they are enduring? And that’s different than your perished pooch how? How many tears did you shed, or even words mentioned, when ICE murdered a trans woman by freezing to death in a sealed cellbox of inhumane internment?

Blaire et al want a National Day of Remembrance for an animal executed by negligence. And not a thought nor prayer for the children interned in prison, to sleep on battered concrete floors snivelling in vain for vanished mamas. By the thousands.

Blaire laughs at the suffering of the poor, the disabled, the immigrants… For money… As a lifestyle. I’m a fucking PETA member and do animal rescue every single day; but I ain’t gonna weep for Blaire’s deceased dog when she celebrates human death and misery every gddamn day.

BW has used her platform to speak out for animal adoption and against cruelty-porn videos. I believe she has the power to be an enormous champion for the voiceless. But therein lies the ethical challenge from me to her.

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