Femininity Fallacy Syndrome (FFS)

Here’s the thing about FFS, or facial feministation surgery. It’s foundational objective as aesthetic strategy is to universally apply an algorithm based on the racial profile of white-ideal appearances jiggered according to metrics of strict conformity. It’s an app filter applied by bone-saw to your face.


Whether you want it or not — either way FFS is always about beauty rules, reinscribing sexual dimorphism with scalpels and blueprints. The whole process entails that, from conception, cisnormativity be both design and goal, silicon by silicone, defined and dripped.

Therefore, CROWDSOURCE for all your pebbled leather purse can hold — but don’t pretend it’s a radical restructuring of symmetry rather than a gambit for deeper cis acceptance.

FFS, as I could write more critically in a longer medium, is a fallacy of feminine stability. “This surgery will relieve my dysphoria” … =/=… “this surgery will make casting agents think I’m a hottie”

What infuriates me is that the ‘muh jaw contouring’, now expected as part of transition by celebrities, is centred on middle class white women working in the entertainment industry hoping a face reboot will lead to more Hollywood success. These women already ‘pass’. This is about perfection not transition. Their notoriety, their insecurity, their customized visibility. The posthuman commodity. Fame costs, translings. The price of entry is unstable vanity that never, ever abates.

Talking to a therapist instead of Twitter confession porn? You think? No knife can give piece of mind.


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