‘That’s why I keep rting him’

Liberal obsession with Jordan B. Peterson is an industry as much as Peterson himself. Lol. They all work for the same ivory tower sob punchline!

Fled academia over two years ago and I still feel like I’m going through traumatising reprogramming. As I left a cult. Except cult members usually get to have more fun than adjuncting professors.

Hey, Dr Peterson, let me tell you what happens when you come out as trans whilst working in a humanities department … bonus content for Marxism of the non-postmodern variety … ie, full communism now,


Wtaf?// I don’t know where even to start. Queer theory is product-oriented narcissism. Of course ze’y’re is-are-yr an academic. 100 bux for a button up shirt? These are the people publishing articles on napalm drones as ‘queer bodiez’.

Just give me a pleated skirt, red tie, and a gun. Repeat daily. For life.


‘I can’t be a happy enby unless I find customised androgynous clothing’ sounds as legit to me as ‘I cannot be vegan without whole foods tempeh supreme’.

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