A ragged, red haired pirate mercenary brigand with a name that is reminiscent of the Red Bandits of Maddwy; however, the gendering of the Welsh is feminine. Which means either a badass photon mercenary with a girl’s name or the possibility of a female/femme character with a major role besides being a handmade.

Much like all Joseph Campbellites, George Lucas, like Jordan B Peterson, plunders a little too haphazardly in the mythos … With awkward appropriations abounding.

Or worse… Perhaps Star Wars continues under Disney to outright promulgate gender confusion and dissolution for its posthuman orgies.

More likely, Star Wars continues under Disney to haphazardly plunder historical cultures for words, symbols, concepts to decontextualise wholesale and slap on as atmosphere as needed.

Fingers crossed, we somehow get a really cool villain with a Welsh accent.

Rainbow Nest, non-binary space buccaneer. And remember — it’s canon that Lando Calrissian is pansexual: “hey, relax. We’ll figure it out”.


Those of us who long ago voyaged through Ultima III already know waddup:


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