An Mis

This is interesting: a Cornish-language news programme, indicative of the growing presence of the Kernewek revival movement. To my ear at least, it really does sound like a mix of Welsh and Breton. I can definitely pick up on a lot of P-Celtic cognates … some very obvious, like Ebrel/Ebrill or dydh da/dydd da. Practically speaking, Cornish was extinct, and thus ‘fluency’ is hypothetical, so endeavours like this have a recreative quality than can also be improvisational at times. Hearing their dialogues and conversations (eg 9.30-11.00) reveals the kinds of recuperative strategies they’re adapting on the trot. Be sure to check out the The Wicker Man awesomeness of Beltaine parades at 20.00 and the bardic eisteddfod (gorsedh) thereafter.

For additional contrast, a Q-Celtic speaker:

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