Leanne Wood, writing about political intimidation targetting women, describes how she got stick for being Welsh, working class, and female.

Oblivious to these points, some journo editor captions her essay by describing Leanne’s accent as “thick”. Those were not her words and simply obscures the actual thesis: “All politicians should be held to account. But @Plaid_Cymru’s @LeanneWood says she has a right to speak, even if you don’t like her ‘thick’ accent.”

All of this plays into the intensely Cymrophobic pressure on Leanne to ‘calibrate’ her lovely Valleys tones. Conversely, she gets accused of ‘playing up’ her accent for regional theatrics.

Yup, the accent police. For when you have no compensatory argument.

‘Gwrthodwn gael ein tawelu.’ Ein arweinydd @LeanneWood sy’n trafod cam-drin yn erbyn menywod ar-lein i bapur @theipaper.


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