Dydd Gwener y Groglith

some interesting Welsh folklore for Easter, via @hellohistoria (Louvain Rees):

If you use a sewing needle on Good Friday, you or your premises will be destroyed by lightning.


Clepio – Clapping for Eggs!

It was a custom in North Wales for children to ‘clap for eggs’ on the Monday before Easter. It was known as ‘Clepio wyanu’r pasg’ or ‘clepian wyanu’.

Children of Anglesey would chant ‘Clap, Clap, gofyn wy I hogia bach ar y plwy’ when asking for eggs.

Children might collect as many as 150 to 200 eggs each and these were proudly displayed on the dresser in their home, with the eggs of the eldest child being placed on the top shelf, and those of the second on the second shelf, and so on. Read more:

Hot Crossed Buns, served after the Good Friday service, were enjoyed by the congregation. These were thought to have a curative power and a number of them were tied in a bag and hung up in the kitchen until the following good Friday.

It was believed that a portion of the bun when eaten, could cure any disease. They were also given to domestic animals for this purpose.

On Good Friday, it is unlucky to meddle with the earth, to plough or sow or to do any type of gardening.



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