🤑Trans for Sale🤮

Liberal identity über alles salesmanship sez what?


When your mum parades your weight loss struggles internationally cos fame and money.


Notice a pattern in the trans media/e-celeb of self-promotion and the optics of capitalist visibility norms?

Other than you-know-who, I can’t think of a ‘trans is about me-memoir’ not written by a predictable cadre of typified prominence and publicity gouging: white, educated, abled trans feminine individuals are totally hypocritical about the mantra rubric of ‘centring other voices’ whilst plying the means of production with the index of ego.

But yes intersectionality semaphore — royalties please. Here;s my patreon!

‘Tomorrow will be different.’

‘How is that, Sarah?’

‘Because I said so, muthafuckas! Also Foreword by Joe Biden!’


(witnesses catastrophic deprivation of a vast global majority of people and the enforcement of such a system by generations of brutal, persistent violence)

no dont fight about it.

(people are using dumb bad words)

I will fuckin kick your ass with my punch

Katelyn, you can fight?


One thing you’ll never hear me say: “buy my tranny autobiog-myselfchronicle-label-maker-market-muhmuhdiscourse … while the topic is still hawt! Now with extra generic helpings of rehearsed poly and enby platitudes!’

Queer capitalism: the soiled vomit on revolutionary leftist activism. The new platform, same as the aulde platform.

Does this photoshop filter make me look cisnormative enough?

Personhood is profit

‘wokely woke battling bourgeois academia by embracing its ideas and making youtube videos where I suck my own thumb over and over again’.


Alas. I don’t publish in English anymore and I’m critical of state gun-control. Nyah, libs, nyah.



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