An English to Welsh Dictionary of Feminist Terms

Perhaps not so much a dictionary as a set of proposals for etymological changes — ones of flexibility and inclusion — Sarah Hudis presents some very interesting adaptations of contemporary feminist theory into the syntax and vocabulary of Welsh.

Working from the self-narratalogical premise of hunaniaeth [identity], Hudis demonstrates that Welsh can accommodate adjustable modes of gender, selfhood, and interpersonal communication — in particular, by allowing for non-binary modes and moods of grammar. Also useful, shes provides cognates for important theoretical terms such as intersectionality for feminist writing in Welsh. As scholars have done in other languages such as Japanese, Hudis breaks down and deconstructs the sexist roots (and implicit biases) in the terms for woman (via Irigaray, natch) — and suggests alternatives. She describes her methodology in this way:

“This dictionary seeks to address the lack of a Welsh feminist vocabulary, proposing alternative uses of the Welsh language which allow for expression beyond a binary of male/female, and for the articulation of a uniquely Welsh feminist identity”.

Dw i wastad yn teimlo bo fi methu trafod y pynciau yma’n gymraeg i’r fanylder licsen i, a gallen i yn Saesneg!

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