How many wealthy white trans women didactic memoir autobiogs does queer capitalism need?

“Our chance encounter at the White House Pride Reception hadn’t registered with me, so I had never truly seen him in person, just in pictures on Facebook. As he stepped out of his spotless black Audi . . .”

Sarah E. McBride

Mae rhai ysgrifenwyr yn darllen am eu hanes nhw, ond dydy’r hanes ddim yn hanes go-iawn?

If you can index it, you can sell it.‬
‪If you can label, you can profit.‬
‪If you can market, you can negate.‬
‪If you can publicise, you can patronise.‬
‪And if you can politicise, you can posterise and presidentialise.‬

Pssst. Tomorrow will not be different if what we keep doing today is a repetitiously same of yesterday.

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