I left gendercrit because they’re bigots and I am sorry for going along with them

Fucking way to go Lily. Am ddynes!!!

And shame on the sniggering, swiveling, cavilling cowards who behaved like fascist cultural puritans who felt empowered to harangue a young teenager within an inch of her sanity for a bogus bourgeoise value that happens to also be on every Trump-loving ballot-beater.

Ti’n ffycin crazy saes wraig. Pardon my Wenglish. BTW: see how far you’ll get with this phobic rubbish with Plaid Cymru: an actual Leftist party.

Kindly collect your hatemongers, Labour.

She’s a god damn absentee landlord tearing up poor regions for wealthy urbanites like her to have their holiday homes. What a corny corbynite!

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