‪I. Will. Spit. On. Your. Grave.‬


Let me tell you about the time I was lying on my couch in agony, recovering from SRS only a fortnight before, when the then dept head … [cis gay dude, sir-prize — who required extensive ‘documentation’ to validate my gender; who did nothing when students tweeted that I was a tranny; who never once offered a word of support when I came out on the job] … sent me several terse, threatening emails, because I had given someone with severe mental health issues a conditional pass on a final exam based on her term work, before departing on an eight hour flight for my op. (oh hai BC Human Rights Tribunal. I got the dates, deets, plus receipts; and a San Francisco barrister who knows the full story.) Yesh, I am a bad bitch.

Trans women can do without your virtue signalling bereft of practical application k thnx,sguy

-this advisory also applies to others. You know who you are, and so do other interested trans rights representatives.

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