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(Further context: here, here, here, and here. Additionally, Jordan B Peterson has never mispronouned me, in personal conversation or otherwise … which is more than I can say for many of my former colleagues at UBC.)


Listening to these two smug, tenure-track buffoons berating a female grad student gave me terrifying flashbacks. I want to vomit.

They are browbeat bullies hiding behind the haughtiest of bulwarks.

Personally — I would have completely lost my shit. As in pray to God the furniture is bolted down because lads you’re going to be having chairs for your breakfast. ‬

Lindsay: “And I’m sorry I’m crying. I’m stressed out. Because this to me is so wrong. It’s. So. Wrong.”

The response?

“Can we mention the gendered violence, um, the gender and sexual violence policy?”

Reads like a Beckett script! Who’s the violent one here, hmm? To which the bellicosity?

Previously on aoifeschatology, I told you like a Cassandra on acid what was going down in the unis.

Don’t be fooled into reckoning that their theatre of inclusion has anything to do with an actual concern for the well-being of transgender persons. Because — no surprise here — but none of the people in the room are actually trans! Probably because WLU won’t hire anyone of our ilk, preferring the abstract of us as conversational errata. Imagine if they actually had Teh Tranz as faculty! . . . “I’d like to contribute my perspective as someone who yknow lives this.” . . . Wow, innovative isn’t it?

Yet this omission is perniciously common. Go have a look at how UBC English are promoting their desperately hipster course on “transsexuality and television“; but do they have a full-time trans prof on board making a livable income? Dim, nac, na dim o gwbl!

Quite frankly, the cis spin doctors who played this show trial have only themselves to blame. I can think of a million better ways that professional educators could have handled this situation other than a sanctimonious rant punctuated by Godwin’s Law.

In the most dire of human eras, the university elites continue to own-goal themselves whilst putting their social capital all on punters’ bets.


What possibly could have motivated the intellectual thumbscrews? Nathan Rambukkana — one of the interrogators (er, interlocutors) recorded in the audio— must have cut a rather burly jib to the much smaller woman he intimidated behind closed doors.


With a PhD in the flimsiest of the social sciences (“communications”, to further underscore the bizarroness) — Dr Rambukkana pushes the limit of haute bourgeoisie by ‘researching’ some really hawt controversies: for example, hashtag polyamory; or the necessity of leather in claiming a sadomasochistic identity. You kinda have to see his bollocking of someone half his age and half his size along those themes.

Talk about jouissance without the pleasure!

Such coy onanism is no doubt titillating for the sexually repressed pageantry of self-hating humanities departments. However, students might rightly wonder why they’re incurring decades of debt just to hear some overpaid papa bear publicly getting off to a packed lecture hall of teenagers.

Now, far be it for Miss Gwenllian to question the thrill of a thorough caning — but flaunting your kink as a way to pad your CV to get a professorship? Now that’s … cheeky.


Grad school — just don’t go. Beth ydw i’n meddwl o hyn? I have no ‘skin’ in that inquisitional flesh trade anymore.

But here cometh catalysts: Lindsay Shepherd didn’t shut up. Better—she digitised the antics … Jordan B Peterson got the remix!

— and an admonition for the unaware and unfamiliar as to the university’s undoing.


I have nil respect for hypocrisy as it’s practised by self-proclaimed feminists of all stripes, libs or cons. Full stop.

If you really care about confronting transphobia — then have us in the room for feck’s sake rather than under your detached, hypothetical microscopes. And by us I don’t just mean the ones who kowtow to backroom ideological bludgeoning.

Everything that went down at WLU could have been avoided with having a transgender faculty member — particularly a trans woman — in the teaching carousel. Stop enabling these superficial reductions of lives to a convenient theoretical cohesion. Radical, liberal, conservative… Plaid Cymru supporting Marxist-Leninist… to pretend that transgender folk function as a collective is ridiculously infantalising. 

I don’t believe for a second that any of the academics, from grad students to patreon megastars, have committed interests in the welfare of trans people as people; we have more utility to them as subjects for the prestige economy of their bloated disciplinary journals, or as disposable adjuncts to trot out as populist pitches for student arousal.

But as per usual we have patronising oafs speaking over us, not with us.

Think about that the next time you cite unemployment and homeless stats in another piffling puff piece about the poor downtrodden genderbenders.



ADDENDUM: Assessing Prof Rambukkana’s behaviour, an independent fact-finding report states that he did “not meet the high standards … set for staff and faculty”; and, equally damning, “basic guidelines and best practices on how to appropriately execute the roles and responsibilities of staff and faculty were ignored or not understood”. Don’t worry. I doubt he’ll lose his job over this.

My concern with the WLU debacle isn’t JBP’S video as such. I taught videos on ecomarxism by Lierre Keith. So what?

What bothers me are the sloppy fast draw academic ‘defenders’, ‘representing’ trans people, and in doing so making us out to be crybabies who can’t keep pants on in a classroom.

… nid ydynt yn siarad am finnau…

Such self-appointed saviors have done a great disservice by their misconduct. We’ll be answering for this mess long after Dr Rambukkana gets his tenure bonus.

In the mean time…


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