“Dw i’n rîly eisiau neud”. (I really had to do it…)

Stori bwerus ac ysbrydoledig Llyr Jones o Aberystwyth, sy’n ferch ifanc drawsrywiol.

Diolch yn fawr i Mererid Williams @ LetsTalkWelsh — my dear friend, expert tutor, and frequent hostess — for telling me about this:

Aberystwyth’s magazine The EGO cover feature is an interview with Llyr Jones, a trans girl from Ceredigion’s farming community.

You can read Llyr’s story in the current issue, which is available around Aber or you can enjoy online, via this link and beginning on page 14 . . . both options are without fee.




For Welsh speakers, here is an interview Llyr gave with S4C’s Heno yn y Gymraeg, with English subtitles available.




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