Rheolau ar Gyfer Chwarae SCRABBLE

Rheolau ar Gyfer Chwarae SCRABBLE

Miss Gwenllian update:

I’m currently writing and researching a long-form essay, or possible book chapter, on English media responses/rejoinders/reprimands to Scrabble yn Gymraeg (Welsh Language Scrabble) as symptomatic of “Welsh zealotry run amuck”.

Who’d think a bunch of tiles with doubled letters could cause such a fuss?

We’ve all heard the insipid and rehearsed cliche: “Welsh looks like a Scrabble game that came without consonants.”

Yet here we are: unchecked monoglot prejudices and anti-Welsh language bigotry are often shuttled through asinine jokes, churlish debates, and colonialist after-laughs. Welsh Scrabble has become a symbolic stand-in to “safely” locate a stubborn disdain for Cymraeg. Barely hidden symptoms of colonialism readily become played out as latent desires for the linguistic destruction of ‘wonky’ Celtic languages in the 21st century as a victory for Brexiteers.

From The Blue Books to this recent, unprecedented summer of Welsh-bashing at all levels of Little Englander op-ed baiting … I unpack how consonant allocation, point metrics, and triple vowel awards in Scrabble yn Gymraeg — all seemingly innocuous boardgame rubrics — have been seized on by English supremacists in an ongoing campaign to delegitimize Welsh as a living, practical reality that many prefer to go about their lives — at work or play — speaking.

Learning to play Scrabble in Welsh has given me a rather poignant object for lexical meditation — on art, amusement, and education in contemporary minority language activism and revivalism.

Will give publication details in due course. Diolch!


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