USPATH2017 (Epilogue)

I extend my sweetest thanks to Dr Laura Thor, co-panelist, colleague in study, and sister in faith; without her, I never would have made it.

Our panel was, in my estimation, a powerful collaboration between psychotherapist and theologian, cis and trans — discussing earnestly what the Catholic Faith means to an individual in transition and the role of faith in recovering from gender dysphoria.

Thanks to all who attended!

The research I presented here will be included in my forthcoming book The Theology of the Marginal Body: The Catholic Church and the Diversity of Sex. 

As both gender theorists and Thomist theologians misconstrue and misrepresent my scholarship on this subject, I am no longer posting blog entries or the like discussing transsexuality and theology in a public manner and will stick to academic venues of publication. Thank you for your understanding.



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