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Liam Neeson is a SWERF

“Well @ContraPoints I still happen to insist that sex work does in fact enable a capitalistic system of bodies on the market”.


Beth ydach chi’n gallu neud dros Gymru?🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿#Annibyniaeth


🤑Trans for Sale🤮

Liberal identity über alles salesmanship sez what?


When your mum parades your weight loss struggles internationally cos fame and money.


Notice a pattern in the trans media/e-celeb of self-promotion and the optics of capitalist visibility norms?

Other than you-know-who, I can’t think of a ‘trans is about me-memoir’ not written by a predictable cadre of typified prominence and publicity gouging: white, educated, abled trans feminine individuals are totally hypocritical about the mantra rubric of ‘centring other voices’ whilst plying the means of production with the index of ego.

But yes intersectionality semaphore — royalties please. Here;s my patreon!

‘Tomorrow will be different.’

‘How is that, Sarah?’

‘Because I said so, muthafuckas! Also Foreword by Joe Biden!’


(witnesses catastrophic deprivation of a vast global majority of people and the enforcement of such a system by generations of brutal, persistent violence)

no dont fight about it.

(people are using dumb bad words)

I will fuckin kick your ass with my punch

Katelyn, you can fight?


One thing you’ll never hear me say: “buy my tranny autobiog-memoir-identity-market-myselfness … while the topic is still hawt! Now with extra generic helpings of rehearsed poly and enby platitudes!’

Queer capitalism: the soiled vomit on revolutionary leftist activism. The new platform, same as the aulde platform.

Does this photoshop filter make me look cisnormative enough?

Personhood is profit

‘wokely woke battling bourgeois academia by embracing its ideas and making youtube videos where I suck my own thumb over and over again’.


Alas. I don’t publish in English anymore and I’m critical of state gun-control. Nyah, libs, nyah.



Don’t be afraid to RT the Turing.


Kennys Book Parcels

Quite possibly my favorite bookshop ever is Kennys, in Galway, Ireland. While I can’t visit there as often as I’d like — I’ve been a regular patron since the early 1990s — I still can get a semblance of the joyful experience of perusing the ink-soaked shelves via their glorious book parcel service.

The process works with blissful ease and simplicity: in cooperative discussion with longtime owner, and tome-clairvoyant Des Kenny, you give him a sense of your tastes according to subject and topic; a budget per parcel package; and a time-schedule for delivery frequency.

One doesn’t need to be exceedingly exact in specificity: in fact, I advise against it. Instead, it’s better to be somewhat vague, more gesture than point, and trust in Des’s superb judgement . . . with the expectations that surprises will come and tastes will be challenged. The proper thrill is in the discovered surprises every time you open up the delivered parcel, posted from Galway, filled with the unmistakable brown paper scents and twine of Connemara.

And if you happen not to like a book — which has happened maybe once or twice in my years of pleasurable exchanges with him — then returns are accepted.

As for me as one example, and unsurprising given my scholarly specialities, I’ve listed my interests as Irish women’s history; folklore and mythology; the Celtic Revival; Irish language literature and poetry; and harp music. I like both academic works, as well as local historians and small-press monographs; mainstream Irish fiction as well as experimental chapbooks.

What Des does with your information is to devote his time, and exceedingly keen eye, to watch for items that fall within your guidance — including recent publications as well as those rare, out of print, and often unheard of titles that pass through his doors almost daily. It’s exactly like having your own professional book scout on the constant lookout, catering to however niche your needs are! (And my niches have nooks within nooks!)

His powers of purchase and intuitive sense of his client’s needs border on the paranormal. And you never know what’s quite in store with every arrival.

Appropriately enough, and far better craic than going out for beers (of whatever neon green hue), my latest parcel arrived yesterday and I spent an evening diving in!

I’m especially thankful in how Des’s efforts keep me up to date with contemporary publications in the Irish language, as well as tracking down classic works that are very difficult to find. Every parcel is handpicked, with thoughtful sensitivity and a bit of literary mischief, and guaranteed to delight with the uncertainty of a box full of Irish books always guarantees.


‪‘But Michael — you’ve been drinking all morning.’‬

Y Gymdeithas

Y Marx Ifanc

This scene…


Pssst. St Patrick was Welsh

Indeed, according to debated tradition, the shamrock evangelist was a son of Wales from Roman ancestry, but known the world over as Ireland’s Patron Saint. Join RTÉ as they explore Banwen in the Welsh Valleys (Neath Port Talbot): the village which claims to be St Patrick’s birthplace.

Programme on @RTENationwide — 7pm this evening on @RTEOne.

Also, he likely didn’t have a beard, given Roman preferences for being clean-shaven; but more importantly his hagiography should remind us all of the plights that refugees endure.

The Black Book of Camarthen

Fascinating lore and images provided by the National Library of Wales (Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru):

“Legend has it there is a drowned land beneath the sea in Cardigan Bay. Known as Cantre’r Gwaelod [The Sunken Hundred], in the earliest version of the legend, in The Black Book of Carmarthen, the land is known as Maes Gwyddno.

The land of Cantre’r Gwaelod was said to be very fertile, due to the fact that it was low lying land which was protected from the sea at high tide by a dyke with sets of sluice gates.


As the legend continues… on a stormy night, a feast was held at the King, Gwyddno Garanhir‘s palace. (See also Chwedl Taliesin  [Ystoria Taliesin / Hanes Taliesin]  “The Tale of Taliesin“).

The watchman, Seithenyn, got a little (a lot) drunk and fell asleep, forgetting to shut the gates.

The gates were left open, and the sea rushed in flooding the land of Cantre’r Gwaelod. The king Gwyddno Garanhir and some of his court are said to have fled to safety along Sarn Cynfelyn.

Nautical chart by Lewis Morris (1701-1765) of Aberystwyth Bae, originally from Ynys Môn.


It’s said that on still days you can still hear the bells of Cantre’r Gwaelod ringing beneath the waves.”

(For a discussion and analysis of haunted bells and vanishing lands as recurrent motifs in Celtic mythology and storytelling, see chapters 2 and 6 of my first book, Ancestral Recall: The Celtic Revival and Japanese Modernism.)


Y ddraig a’r enfys

My Wales has room for both dragons and rainbows. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏳️‍🌈✊🏽

Barod am orymdaith i gefnogi ffoaduriaid yn Aberystwyth.

(@Plaid_Cymru @ElinCeredigion)


Yn union, Leanne. Diolch yn fawr!



Dan ni’n caru chi, Leanne ❤️ . Hefyd, croeso i chi’n blocio’r troliau bydd yn ymateb yn hyll i hyn.

Terfism is at heart a conservative, retrograde movement. No wonder they chum up with climate change deniers

Get the fuck out of Plaid, bigots.


Interesting how many of the diehard binarists are lockstep in agreement with Tories like David Davies. Tells you all need to know about the wilful shibboleths they cling to.

Look at this unholy cocktail party of doom:

Cerys Furlong, chief executive of of Chwarae Teg, also offers her full support. Diolch!


“It used to be said that there are more books per head of population in Aberystwyth than anywhere else in the world”. h/t @Allman_Craig

Turing/Police Regime




So England rugby coach Eddie Jones referred to Wales as ‘this little shit place’.

well guess what?

This little shit place is my favorite place on Earth.



‘Little shit place’ said your anglo-speaking man


My health; my language; my right

Mae Llywodraeth Cymru yn ceisio pasio Safonau’r Gymraeg ym maes iechyd sydd ddim yn rhoi DIM UN HAWL i bobl dderbyn gofal iechyd wyneb yn wyneb yn Gymraeg.
Ie, dyletswyddau iaith ar gyfer y gwasanaeth iechyd sydd DDIM yn sefydlu DIM UN hawl i ofal iechyd drwy’r Gymraeg.


Hey Academia, stop taking the piss.


Seriously, this is why their ‘upgrade membership’ ($100/year!) is such meaningless pandering to intellectual vanity.

(Dr Ahmed is an expert in veterinary ophthalmology and surgical oncology.)


In 1706 Welsh mathematician William Jones became the first person to use the Greek letter Pi (π) as a mathematical symbol to calculate the circumference to diameter ratio of circles.



Mâs o ‘ma

Penblwydd hapus i Meic Stevens yn 76 heddiw!


It’s so lovely to see Meic sharing his passion for Welsh language and music with these pupils… Even as I’m mindful that ‘Y Brawd Houdini’ is a biting satire and terrifying description of working class exploitation in the coal mines.



Do you want Wales in control? Want to make a difference?🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Get involved in #IndyWales @YesCymru  #ItsNotUnusual


Mae fy ngwallt i’n mynd yn hir iawn!

My hair is getting long! 😊

Mae fy ngwallt i wedi tyfu!

An English to Welsh Dictionary of Feminist Terms

Perhaps not so much a dictionary as a set of proposals for etymological changes — ones of flexibility and inclusion — Sarah Hudis presents some very interesting adaptations of contemporary feminist theory into the syntax and vocabulary of Welsh.

Working from the self-narratalogical premise of hunaniaeth [identity], Hudis demonstrates that Welsh can accommodate adjustable modes of gender, selfhood, and interpersonal communication — in particular, by allowing for non-binary modes and moods of grammar. Also useful, shes provides cognates for important theoretical terms such as intersectionality for feminist writing in Welsh. As scholars have done in other languages such as Japanese, Hudis breaks down and deconstructs the sexist roots (and implicit biases) in the terms for woman (via Irigaray, natch) — and suggests alternatives. She describes her methodology in this way:

“This dictionary seeks to address the lack of a Welsh feminist vocabulary, proposing alternative uses of the Welsh language which allow for expression beyond a binary of male/female, and for the articulation of a uniquely Welsh feminist identity”.

Dw i wastad yn teimlo bo fi methu trafod y pynciau yma’n gymraeg i’r fanylder licsen i, a gallen i yn Saesneg!

Mae fy ngath i’n hoffi bwyta bambŵ!

“It is a question of who we are, how our past shapes our present and what values determine the kind of future we want to see for our nation.”

@LeanneWood writes for Wales Online, following Plaid’s victory in the #IAmEuropean debate in @HouseofCommons on Wednesday.

“Mae’n fater o pwy ydym ni, sut mae ein gorffennol yn siapio ein presennol a pha werthoedd sy’n pennu’r math o ddyfodol yr ydym am ei weld ar gyfer ein cenedl. ”

@LeanneWood yn ysgrifennu yn Wales Online, yn dilyn ein buddugoliaeth yn y ddadl #IAmEuropean


‪This is my excuse for everything. ‬


Y drefedigaeth fewnol / The internal colony

All routes lead to extraction, export, and exploitation — not community, nation, transportation — west-east, not north-south. To get from Holyhead to Aberystwyth, one must leave the country in order to return to it. 

All railways lead to Londinium.


I can’t believe people take their children to this evil horror show.



How many wealthy white trans women didactic memoir autobiogs does queer capitalism need?

“Our chance encounter at the White House Pride Reception hadn’t registered with me, so I had never truly seen him in person, just in pictures on Facebook. As he stepped out of his spotless black Audi . . .”

Sarah E. McBride

Mae rhai ysgrifenwyr yn darllen am eu hanes nhw, ond dydy’r hanes ddim yn hanes go-iawn?

If you can index it, you can sell it.‬
‪If you can label, you can profit.‬
‪If you can market, you can negate.‬
‪If you can publicise, you can patronise.‬
‪And if you can politicise, you can posterise and presidentialise.‬

Pssst. Tomorrow will not be different if what we keep doing today is a repetitiously same of yesterday.

Honest question — how can one “lack” a gender under a capitalist system?

Libs never answer me that.





#DiwrnodRhyngwladolyMerched hapus i holl ferched Cymru! Pwy o ferched Cymru sy’n eich ysbrydoli chi?

Happy #InternationalWomensDay  to all the women of Wales! Which Welsh women inspire you?

#merchedcymru #Cymraeg



Gwenllian, Blodeuwedd, Jemima a phob merch, mam, chwaer, nain a mamgu sy’n gryf fel llew ar #diwrnodrhyngwladolymerched



Arweinyddion y Blaid.
@Plaid_Cymru leaders.


Artist Noel Murphy has produced a portrait of all 53 female members of the Dáil and Seanad to mark the centenary of women in Ireland getting the right to vote.

The painting also features Countess Markievicz, the first woman elected to parliament.


👏👏👏👏👏 I couldn’t agree more. Fuck bluecheck memoir writing demiliberal white trans women journo pornopaypal patreon FFS hucksters.

Britannia, NatBoys, and the AngloMind:

A play in several acts 





Croeso i Waleshire!

% sy’n ystyried eu hunain yn Gymraeg / % who consider themselves Welsh – look at the numbers in Ynys Môn !🧐😨



fearing a nationalist uprising the colonial comfort blanket has been reinstated.